The following membership charges are effective from March 2018. There are no admin or joining fees.

Gymnasium Fitness Only
Pay as you go: £3 per session
Introductory Month: £10
Monthly thereafter: £20 per month (individual)
£15 per month (students/OAPs)
6 months: £100 (six months for the price of five)
12 months: £180 (twelve months for the price of nine)

Boxing sessions only
Juniors Boxing Class: £2.50 per session or £4 per week
Women’s only Boxing Class: £3 per session
Seniors (16+): £4.50/session or £10 per week

All in Membership

If you want to attend the boxing sessions and use the fitness facilities we also offer an all in membership:

Senior’s sessions and fitness:
Introductory Month: £20
Monthly thereafter: £30
6 monthly: £150
12 months: £270

Women’s only sessions and fitness:
Monthly:     £20
6 monthly: £100
12 months: £180